Finding Balance with Yoga

Yoga with Adrienne


My name is Adrienne and I love helping people move, breathe and find balance.

I was inspired to teach after practicing yoga for over 14 years. Practicing yoga changed my life. I got stronger, more flexible and was able to manage stress better. I decided to deepen my practice by taking a yoga teacher training course. This allowed my passion to grow even more. My mission is to share this practice to as many people as possible and dedicate my life to helping others find balance in their lives as it did mine.

I am a 200-hour Certified Vinyasa Instructor and I focus on working with people who are new to the practice. I offer modifications to tailor your practice to what your body needs.

Let me guide you on your wellness journey to increase the quality of your life!

My Offerings

  • Yoga & Wine @ Christopher Cellars (Elk Grove) every 4th Saturday through Fall. Perfect opportunity to share your 1st Yoga experience with family and friends. Tap on "Events" to register or for more information.

  • I offer Soft Stretch classes at Elk Grove Vitamins (yoga room - 2 doors down) at 9643 E Stockton Blvd in Elk Grove. Tap on "Elk Grove Vitamins & Yoga" in the Menu for more information or Tap on "Schedule" to register.

  • I offer One-on-One classes to cater to your individual needs and Private Group Sessions for a customized class. Email me: OR call me (916) 284-0669 for more information.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is not just about getting into postures. Yoga is incorporating movement with breath control to achieve "balance!" Balance is important physically as well as mentally. Obtaining physical strength and flexibility is just as important as managing and prioritizing tasks in our daily lives.

YOGA is healing! YOGA is self-discipline! YOGA can change your life and I want to inspire you in that change.

Be a Part of the Journey

Join my yoga community and experience comfortable & accessible classes!

Do you often tell yourself you're not flexible enough to practice yoga?

Do you feel intimidated or feel you'd be judged in a room full of other yoga students?

If you have any of these concerns, you're not alone and my class options may be a perfect fit. I offer beginning Stretch & Vinyasa yoga in smaller groups (up to 8 people), one-on-one options for more individualized attention or book your own class with family and/or friends to customize your own comfortable environment. I focus on introducing postures with modifications to meet all skill levels.

Are you considering joining a local yoga studio but keep telling yourself , "I'll join when I'm stronger or more flexible?"

Come to me FIRST! I slow it down, offering adjustments and ensure proper alignment. As you gain more confidence, you can expand your studio options.

NO Judgements and NO comparisons! My goal is to get you moving to the best of YOUR ability and feeling successful after EVERY class.

Yoga with Adrienne

Students relaxing with eucalyptus towels during Savasana

yoga at Elk Grove Park

Yoga at Elk Grove Park

Gather up your family and friends and join us for a light stretch and wine at Christopher Cellars right here in Elk Grove located in the corner of Elk Grove Blvd & Bradshaw. Yoga only option also available. There are several opportunities to participate in the "Stretch & Sip" Event. Upcoming Dates:


"What keeps me coming back to Adrienne's classes is that she instructs us in a way that is non-judgmental and doable."

"I have seen a big difference in how my body feels after practicing yoga and how strong I’m getting after only a few weeks."

"Adrienne creates such a warm, welcoming and serene environment for her classes."


Bring a mat and a water bottle. I recommend a thick mat to add more comfort. Yoga blocks and/or yoga straps may be helpful, but not required.