Join the Journey!!!

I have partnered up with Elk Grove Vitamins' Mission to become the healthiest city in California. We are determined to help people in the community adopt a healthier lifestyle to improved their quality of life. Elk Grove Vitamins has a space, 2 doors down, where I will guide you through two types of beginning yoga styles: Stretch & Vinyasa.

Classes are $12

Pre-registration is optional. This allows you to pay ahead of time, hassle free. Tap on "Schedule" in the Menu to register. Cash is also accepted. Walk-ins welcome.

There are also meditation classes and chair massages available.

Yoga Room: 9643 E Stockton Blvd Elk Grove, CA

Please visit or call Elk Grove Vitamins for more information.

9647 E Stockton Blvd

(916) 686-4488